Ep 4.05 When a Relationship Expert Gets Caught Cheating

On Season 4, Episode 5 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh chime in on relationship expert, Derrick Jaxn’s infidelity and his attempts to repair his public image. The two discuss Mr. and Mrs. Jaxn’s recent IG video statement and IG Live, including what was and was not said. The conversation then moves on to talk about why celebrities, public figures, or IG relationship experts should not be #RelationshipGoals. The episode ends with a word of caution as you create relationship goals for yourself.
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Ep 10. Nobody’s Perfect

It can be hard to do, but on this episode Garcia and SunAh get real honest about their own flaws and mistakes when it comes to dating. They tell some hard truths about who they have been in past relationships, the defense mechanisms that didn’t work, and the toxic behaviors they chose not to bring into their relationship with one another. The episode closes with a confession from Garcia: he didn’t believe he deserved happiness. The question to our listeners is: do you?


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