Ep 3.08 Unsupportive and Selfish

On Season 3, Episode 8, Garcia and SunAh talk about times they or their partners have been unsupportive and selfish in their relationship. The two share the types of support that are needed and how they’ve identified their own selfish tendencies. Of course it wouldn’t be Which Cup is Mine without some transparent moments. Tune in to hear the times that the two have knowingly been selfish and the reasons behind their selfishness.

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Ep 3.06 Upgrade Who?

On this episode, Garcia and SunAh talk about relationship upgrades. Have you ever dated someone and they upgraded you? Or at least other people thought they did? Maybe you were the upgrade or you upgraded your partner. The two divulge the times and the ways that they’ve been upgraded, including some that may not be so obvious. Of course it wouldn’t be Which Cup is Mine if the two didn’t keep it spicy!! They also discuss the relationship downgrades, including being honest about the times they pulled their partners down.

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