Ep 2.11 When to Say No

There comes a point in every relationship where you have to tell your partner no or you wish you would have. On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about times they’ve told each other no, why they thought it was necessary, and their reactions. The situations that may lead you to tell your partner no vary from finances, safety concerns, and yes, even sex. Regardless of how necessary it may seem, telling your partner no can be a tricky situation. As Garcia points out, no one likes to be told no, so navigating these moments must be done with care.

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Ep 2.08 SEX

Garcia and SunAh get intimate on Episode 8 of Season 2 as the topic turns to SEX. The episode begins asking if the old saying is true: what you won’t do, someone else will. If your mate won’t do the things you like, does it give you a license to cheat? The two agree that giving and receiving oral sex is super important to the point that it has been a deal breaker in their past. The duo then move on to discuss the optimal frequency of having sex per week if you’re in a relationship and how that might change when you get married. The episode ends with a discussion about sexual boundaries, and the two share some funny and disturbing times that those boundaries have been crossed.

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Ep 13. Sex on the First Night

Does sex on the first night ruin your chances for a relationship? Garcia and SunAh talk about giving it up on the first night – the pros, the cons, and one big misconception. Garcia reasons if you’re going to have sex anyways, why not do it on the first night? Because one thing is for certain: sex on the first night might not end a relationship but bad sex definitely can. The two share how far into dating they were before they had sex and how things might have been different if they would have had sex on the first night.

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