Ep 16. Season 1 Finale – Love, Lies, and Soul Ties feat Mr. Del

Season 1 of Which Cup is Mine podcast ends with a special guest: hip hop artist, producer, song writer, author, pastor, your neighborhood hope dealer – Mr. Delmar Lawrence aka Mr. Del. Bringing all of his relationship expertise to the podcast, Mr. Del delves into love, lies, and of course soul ties. After breaking down what soul ties are and how they are created, Mr. Del explains the importance of creating a culture within your relationship.

The podcast then takes a detour from romantic relationships to talk about Mr. Del’s time with Three 6 Mafia. Mr. Del gives a quick history lesson on the early Memphis rap scene including how he got signed to Three 6 Mafia, the story behind his most infamous hit song “Azz & Tittiez,” and what led him to leave the group in the middle of their national tour. As you can imagine, all of these past experiences affected his dating life.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Which Cup is Mine without getting all in Mr. Del’s dating business! Mr. Del keeps it transparent as he shares how his family life shaped his outlook on romantic relationships. Garcia and Mr. Del talk about the generational curses that they are breaking and one of the common mistakes women make in dating. In case you are wondering, Mr. Del is single, and in this episode he shares what’s on his “list” for the type of woman he’s looking for. The episode ends with Mr. Del giving advice on what is needed to have a healthy, whole relationship.


For more about the Soul Ties book series, the Soul Ties podcast, and to register for the FREE “When Men Worship” online conference happening on Father’s Day, click the link in Mr. Del’s Instagram bio @soultiestrilogy and go to dellawrence.com

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Ep 15. In Love?

In this episode Garcia and SunAh tackle a tricky topic – falling in love. What does it mean to fall in love, can you grow to be in love with someone, what about being in love with two people at the same time? The two begin by sharing how they know they’ve been “in love” before discussing if you can grow to love someone. They also identify some real life couples they see as couple goals. The episode ends with each of them giving advice on how to know if the love is gone.

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Ep 13. Sex on the First Night

Does sex on the first night ruin your chances for a relationship? Garcia and SunAh talk about giving it up on the first night – the pros, the cons, and one big misconception. Garcia reasons if you’re going to have sex anyways, why not do it on the first night? Because one thing is for certain: sex on the first night might not end a relationship but bad sex definitely can. The two share how far into dating they were before they had sex and how things might have been different if they would have had sex on the first night.

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Ep 11. Side Piece

Garcia and SunAh turn up the heat on Episode 11 as they answer the question: have you ever dated someone who was in a relationship or married? While most people wouldn’t publicly discuss such a taboo subject, the two bare it all. Find out how each of them came to be the side piece, who feels no remorse, and how they approach playing your position. The episode ends with a lively debate on how they could spice up their relationship without either of them having a side piece of their own.

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Ep 8. Dealbreakers and Red Flags

We all have them even though sometimes we ignore them. On Episode 8 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh reveal dating dealbreakers including a couple they’ve reconsidered and one particularly petty one that will forever result in an automatic ‘no.’ While red flags can be just as subjective, they share a few that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to avoid relationship issues, and Garcia brings attention to an important interracial dating red flag.


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Ep 5. To Tell the Truth

Episode 5 of Which Cup is Mine finds Garcia and SunAh struggling over the right thing to do. If you know your friend is being cheated on, should you tell them? Both Garcia and SunAh share personal experiences of how they handled a situation when they knew a friend’s mate was cheating. Does friendship require telling the truth or is silence golden? Between Garcia and SunAh, find out who believes ignorance is bliss and who wants to know the truth even if it hurts.


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