Ep 3.07 Married for what?

Is it for love, stability, the kids, money, or something else? On Season 3, Episode 7 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about some of the reasons people get married and stay married, including how much being “in love” factors into the equation. The two also discuss common pressures that lead people to get married sooner than they may want and a few of the things that men hate most when it comes to getting married. The episode ends with some advice for folks in relationships but who aren’t married yet.

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Ep 2.07 Proposals & Ultimatums

Is it summer love or something else? In Season 2, Episode 7 Garcia and SunAh uncover realities about proposals. Garcia talks about some of the real reasons men propose – ladies, you’ll definitely want to hear these. The two discuss common ways people get trapped in relationships both through proposals and pregnancies. In this episode, SunAh shares some of the ultimatums she’s given. To close the episode, the two end with advice for how men can respond to ultimatums or avoid them altogether and something for women to think about before giving an ultimatum.

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