Ep 2.09 Change

Can you change your mate? On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss if you can change behaviors, characteristics, or personality traits of someone you’re in a relationship with. They each have tried to change aspects of their mates and they’ve each had their mates try to change something about them. Find out who was successful, who wasn’t, and regarding what. The episode ends with Garcia giving advice on selecting a mate you won’t have to try to change.

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Ep 2.06 Pet Peeves

What does your mate do that gets on your nerves? Do you tell them? In Which Cup is Mine Season 2 Episode 6, Garcia and SunAh talk about some of the pet peeves they’ve had in their past relationship, how they brought them up to their mate, and if they were successful in saying something. Throughout the episode, the two give you a glimpse into the (mis)communications in their own relationship. The episode ends with advice on when and how to address your relationship pet peeves.


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