Ep 3.16 Get Him a Gift, Sis

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Garcia and SunAh answer the question – should women get their man a gift for Valentine’s Day? Tune in for the Season 3 finale as the two discuss the expectations around Valentine’s Day gift-giving and what popular culture gets wrong. The two also discuss gifts they’ve given and received and offer some advice for types of gifts to give and how to determine if you should give a gift at all.

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Ep 3.04 Pay to Play

On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh get into the money of dating. Does dating require expensive gifts? Has social media ruined dating for “regular” people, especially when it seems like everyone else is being showered with cars, clothes, jewelry, and bags? When dating how much does their ability to splurge matter? The two share how money and being treated to the finer things in life – or not – have factored into their dating decisions.

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