Ep 3.12 Hitting Below the Belt

What’s off limits when you’re in an argument? Are there certain blows that should never be dealt? Or are no holds barred? On Season 3, Episode 12, Garcia and SunAh talk about a few topics that are low blows in general and a few that they find personally are below the belt. Along the way, the two discuss their own reactions to being on the receiving end of someone hitting below the belt.

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Ep 2.03 Let’s Argue

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. On Episode 3 of Season 2, Garcia and SunAh break down the do’s and don’t’s of disagreeing with your mate. The episode begins with each of them talking about their need to always be right and how that has affected their relationships in the past. The two then share how they’ve approached differences of opinion in their relationship with each other and ways you can have a disagreement without making personal attacks. In a surprise confession, Garcia reminds SunAh of the one time they had an argument. Find out what it was about and who could not swallow their pride. The episode ends with advice on what to do if you and your mate cannot stop arguing and if those verbal disagreements turn physical.

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