Ep 3.14 Family Matters

When it comes to dating and relationships, family can be a help or a hindrance. One Season 4, Episode 14, Garcia and SunAh talk about family and dating – if and when you should meet the parents, what happens if a family member doesn’t like who you’re dating, and who comes first when you get married? Who else can relate to awkward family situations with their boyfriend or girlfriend? Garcia shares some particularly trying times when it comes to family and dating. The two also talk about some potential scenarios that pit family and your mate at odds, whose side are you on?

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Ep 3.13 Would you rather

Season 3, Episode 13 asks would you rather have romance or stability? Sex or support? There is no middle ground, you have to choose. Garcia and SunAh make some tough decisions on which characteristic they’d rather have in a someone they’re dating or a potential spouse. Of course, in reality the choices aren’t so severe, and the two end the episode talking about how they would characterize each other.

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