Ep 4.07 Will You Compete?

In the dating game, there’s always competition whether you know who you’re up against or not. The question is – will you compete? What lengths will you go to show the person you’re dating that you’re the one they should choose to be with? Garcia and SunAh dive into the differences between men and women in dating when it comes to competing and setting the rules of the game.

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Ep 3.16 Get Him a Gift, Sis

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Garcia and SunAh answer the question – should women get their man a gift for Valentine’s Day? Tune in for the Season 3 finale as the two discuss the expectations around Valentine’s Day gift-giving and what popular culture gets wrong. The two also discuss gifts they’ve given and received and offer some advice for types of gifts to give and how to determine if you should give a gift at all.

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Ep 2.05 Single vs Relationship

The grass always seems greener on the other side. In this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss the pros and cons of being single versus being in a relationship. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to both statuses, find out which one may have significantly fewer cons. In a time where being independent seems more carefree and stress-free, what are the benefits of being in a relationship? The two detail some of the biggest pros of being in a relationship with one very important caveat. The episode ends with Garcia giving advice to the single men.

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Ep 2.04 The Dating Game

Dating is a gamble. You never really know if the person you’ve met is being themselves or if they really want you or just what you have to offer. This episode of Which Cup is Mine begins with Garcia and SunAh talking about ways that people do the most in dating especially as it comes to trying to impress. Always ones to turn up the heat, the conversation then turns to the question: in dating, what’s your price? The answer isn’t always about money, as the duo point out, but of course the two dive into the topic of tricking. The episode closes with a conversation about tricking versus being generous versus being finessed and advice on how to know which category you may be falling into.

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Ep 15. In Love?

In this episode Garcia and SunAh tackle a tricky topic – falling in love. What does it mean to fall in love, can you grow to be in love with someone, what about being in love with two people at the same time? The two begin by sharing how they know they’ve been “in love” before discussing if you can grow to love someone. They also identify some real life couples they see as couple goals. The episode ends with each of them giving advice on how to know if the love is gone.

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Ep 13. Sex on the First Night

Does sex on the first night ruin your chances for a relationship? Garcia and SunAh talk about giving it up on the first night – the pros, the cons, and one big misconception. Garcia reasons if you’re going to have sex anyways, why not do it on the first night? Because one thing is for certain: sex on the first night might not end a relationship but bad sex definitely can. The two share how far into dating they were before they had sex and how things might have been different if they would have had sex on the first night.

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Ep 11. Side Piece

Garcia and SunAh turn up the heat on Episode 11 as they answer the question: have you ever dated someone who was in a relationship or married? While most people wouldn’t publicly discuss such a taboo subject, the two bare it all. Find out how each of them came to be the side piece, who feels no remorse, and how they approach playing your position. The episode ends with a lively debate on how they could spice up their relationship without either of them having a side piece of their own.

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Ep 10. Nobody’s Perfect

It can be hard to do, but on this episode Garcia and SunAh get real honest about their own flaws and mistakes when it comes to dating. They tell some hard truths about who they have been in past relationships, the defense mechanisms that didn’t work, and the toxic behaviors they chose not to bring into their relationship with one another. The episode closes with a confession from Garcia: he didn’t believe he deserved happiness. The question to our listeners is: do you?


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Ep 9. Garcia’s Birthday Episode

It’s a special day on Which Cup is Mine as co-host Garcia celebrates his 38th birthday! On this episode, Garcia and SunAh take a trip down memory lane and finally share the details on how they went from DMs to dating. They both reveal some of the surprising moments that made them reconsider the “no relationship” stance they both initially started with: the events that showed them they needed one another, the unexpected thing that Garcia did that turned SunAh on, and a turn of phrase that put pressure on Garcia. Throughout the episode they drop some dating tips and tricks that you don’t want to miss.

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