Ep 4.07 Will You Compete?

In the dating game, there’s always competition whether you know who you’re up against or not. The question is – will you compete? What lengths will you go to show the person you’re dating that you’re the one they should choose to be with? Garcia and SunAh dive into the differences between men and women in dating when it comes to competing and setting the rules of the game.

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Ep 4.03 Comparisons and Insecurities

It’s time to get real honest on Which Cup is Mine. On Season 4, Episode 3 the two discuss if they have ever compared themselves to their partner’s ex. Garcia and SunAh cover a variety of areas where you may find yourself making comparisons from sex to finances, education, and status. The two talk about how these comparisons come about and the insecurities they can fuel. The episode ends with the two being honest about any times they’ve felt insecure or compared themselves to each other’s exes.

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