Ep 3.03 Submit or Change

Episode 3 of Season 3 asks the ladies how they feel about submitting to their man. What does it mean to be submissive? Why are some women so against it? Garcia and SunAh then ask the fellas what they are willing to change for their woman. Relationships are all about trust, communication, and compromise, and there is no time that it is more apparent than when it comes to being submissive or changing. SunAh talks about why she never considered being submissive before, and Garcia shares some things he’s changed now.

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Ep 3.01 Is it real?

You asked for it, and Season 3 we’re bringing it to you… You can now watch the visual podcast on our YouTube channel!

On Episode 1 of Season 3, Garcia and SunAh answer some of the most frequently asked questions they receive: Are y’all faking it? Is this how you two really are behind closed doors? You say y’all don’t argue, what’s the secret? and You two seem like polar opposites, have either of you had to change in order to make the relationship work? Watch the YouTube version to see how the two react to some of these questions. Of course, you can still listen to the episodes where ever you stream podcasts.

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Ep 2.09 Change

Can you change your mate? On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss if you can change behaviors, characteristics, or personality traits of someone you’re in a relationship with. They each have tried to change aspects of their mates and they’ve each had their mates try to change something about them. Find out who was successful, who wasn’t, and regarding what. The episode ends with Garcia giving advice on selecting a mate you won’t have to try to change.

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