Ep 2.06 Pet Peeves

What does your mate do that gets on your nerves? Do you tell them? In Which Cup is Mine Season 2 Episode 6, Garcia and SunAh talk about some of the pet peeves they’ve had in their past relationship, how they brought them up to their mate, and if they were successful in saying something. Throughout the episode, the two give you a glimpse into the (mis)communications in their own relationship. The episode ends with advice on when and how to address your relationship pet peeves.


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Ep 2.05 Single vs Relationship

The grass always seems greener on the other side. In this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss the pros and cons of being single versus being in a relationship. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to both statuses, find out which one may have significantly fewer cons. In a time where being independent seems more carefree and stress-free, what are the benefits of being in a relationship? The two detail some of the biggest pros of being in a relationship with one very important caveat. The episode ends with Garcia giving advice to the single men.

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Ep 2.04 The Dating Game

Dating is a gamble. You never really know if the person you’ve met is being themselves or if they really want you or just what you have to offer. This episode of Which Cup is Mine begins with Garcia and SunAh talking about ways that people do the most in dating especially as it comes to trying to impress. Always ones to turn up the heat, the conversation then turns to the question: in dating, what’s your price? The answer isn’t always about money, as the duo point out, but of course the two dive into the topic of tricking. The episode closes with a conversation about tricking versus being generous versus being finessed and advice on how to know which category you may be falling into.

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Ep 2.03 Let’s Argue

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. On Episode 3 of Season 2, Garcia and SunAh break down the do’s and don’t’s of disagreeing with your mate. The episode begins with each of them talking about their need to always be right and how that has affected their relationships in the past. The two then share how they’ve approached differences of opinion in their relationship with each other and ways you can have a disagreement without making personal attacks. In a surprise confession, Garcia reminds SunAh of the one time they had an argument. Find out what it was about and who could not swallow their pride. The episode ends with advice on what to do if you and your mate cannot stop arguing and if those verbal disagreements turn physical.

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Ep 2.02 Interracial Dating

On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about their experiences with interracial dating. Both have had multiple experiences dating outside of their race – but for one of duo, this was the first time that they brought their partner home to meet their parents and for good reason. Find out why. The two share some of the challenges and stereotypes in dating cross-racially as well as comments they’ve heard from friends and family. SunAh divulges some shocking news around her perspective on dating outside of her race. The episode ends with a piece of advice for people in interracial relationships.

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Ep 2.01 Racism in America

Season 2 of Which Cup is Mine podcast begins with Garcia and SunAh discussing racism in America. We have all been witness to the countless murders of Black people by police and most recently we have seen global uprisings in defense of Black lives and the eradication of anti-Blackness. On this episode, Garcia and SunAh discuss systemic racism and its effects in the criminal justice system, education, and hiring, among other areas of our lives. They also reflect on the current movement for Black lives.

For more on how you can get involved in the movement for Black lives or resources for understanding anti-Blackness, visit blacklivesmatters.carrd.co


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