Ep 2.16 Befriending Friends

Can your significant other be friends with your friends? On the Season 2 finale of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss what can go wrong when the person you’re dating befriends your friends. But what about situations when your friends were friends with your significant other first? Should that change their friendship dynamics? Tune in as the two talk about their experiences with befriending friends and find out who has a double standard when it comes to friendship and dating.

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Ep 2.15 Second Chances

On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about second chances. Should you give someone a second chance? If so, under what circumstances? Are there certain transgressions that are automatically one and done? The two share times when they’ve given and received second, third, and even more chances. Was it worth it? Listen in as the two try to reconcile their hopes for the best with the hard realities they’ve experienced. As always the episode ends with advice for those considering second chances.

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Ep 2.14 Are the Homies Off Limits?

In Season 2, Episode 14 of Which Cup Is Mine, Garcia and SunAh get into a topic that is not talked about but should be – are the homies off limits? Can you mess with a friend of someone you used to mess with? Or what about messing with two friends at the same? Is there a code regulating if you mess with someone your friend used to mess with? Garcia breaks down the bro code, and SunAh shares how women approach these situations. The two discuss some potentially tricky situations they’ve encountered and when they’ve been on both sides of the friend situation.

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Ep 2.13 Ride or Die

Are you a ride or die? In Season 2, Episode 13 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about potential ride or die scenarios. From going to jail to having an outside baby, getting into a serious accident, taking a bullet, or losing a job, the two discuss if and when they’d be down to ride for each other and what would be too much to handle. While being a ride or die may seem like a desirable trait, there are certain conditions where it may not be. The episode ends with a warning on when ride or die goes wrong.

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Ep 2.12 Thru Your Phone

On Episode 12 of Season 2 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about invasion of privacy. Find out who has gone through their significant other’s phone, what they found, and how they presented the evidence to their mate. Of course phones aren’t the only places people snoop. Garcia shares what happened when he let someone sleep over. The episode ends with advice for both men and women on how to snoop and why you shouldn’t let your curiosities get the best of you.

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Ep 2.11 When to Say No

There comes a point in every relationship where you have to tell your partner no or you wish you would have. On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh talk about times they’ve told each other no, why they thought it was necessary, and their reactions. The situations that may lead you to tell your partner no vary from finances, safety concerns, and yes, even sex. Regardless of how necessary it may seem, telling your partner no can be a tricky situation. As Garcia points out, no one likes to be told no, so navigating these moments must be done with care.

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Ep 2.10 Marriage

Don’t do it! Reconsider! In Season 2, Episode 10 of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh ask: what’s up with getting married? It seems like the consensus is to stay single as long as possible. Since neither of them have been married, they wonder out loud about some of the drawbacks from saying “I do.” The two also discuss unspoken expectations in marriage including gender roles, and they revisit some of their spicier conversations like kids, weddings, and money. You may think they have some of these things figured out, but tune in to find out who’s changed their mind and about what.

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Ep 2.09 Change

Can you change your mate? On this episode of Which Cup is Mine, Garcia and SunAh discuss if you can change behaviors, characteristics, or personality traits of someone you’re in a relationship with. They each have tried to change aspects of their mates and they’ve each had their mates try to change something about them. Find out who was successful, who wasn’t, and regarding what. The episode ends with Garcia giving advice on selecting a mate you won’t have to try to change.

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Ep 2.08 SEX

Garcia and SunAh get intimate on Episode 8 of Season 2 as the topic turns to SEX. The episode begins asking if the old saying is true: what you won’t do, someone else will. If your mate won’t do the things you like, does it give you a license to cheat? The two agree that giving and receiving oral sex is super important to the point that it has been a deal breaker in their past. The duo then move on to discuss the optimal frequency of having sex per week if you’re in a relationship and how that might change when you get married. The episode ends with a discussion about sexual boundaries, and the two share some funny and disturbing times that those boundaries have been crossed.

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Ep 2.07 Proposals & Ultimatums

Is it summer love or something else? In Season 2, Episode 7 Garcia and SunAh uncover realities about proposals. Garcia talks about some of the real reasons men propose – ladies, you’ll definitely want to hear these. The two discuss common ways people get trapped in relationships both through proposals and pregnancies. In this episode, SunAh shares some of the ultimatums she’s given. To close the episode, the two end with advice for how men can respond to ultimatums or avoid them altogether and something for women to think about before giving an ultimatum.

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