Ep 4.03 Comparisons and Insecurities

It’s time to get real honest on Which Cup is Mine. On Season 4, Episode 3 the two discuss if they have ever compared themselves to their partner’s ex. Garcia and SunAh cover a variety of areas where you may find yourself making comparisons from sex to finances, education, and status. The two talk about how these comparisons come about and the insecurities they can fuel. The episode ends with the two being honest about any times they’ve felt insecure or compared themselves to each other’s exes.

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Ep 4.01 Relationships in a Whole Pandemic

Garcia and SunAh kickoff Season 4 of Which Cup is Mine reflecting on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed relationships for better and for worse. But first, the episode starts with birthday wishes for SunAh. Then, the two discuss the good that has come from the pandemic in terms of relationships and dating and the bad. The episode ends with the two sharing how they weathered their own pandemic related relationship storm and advice for folks who may find themselves in similar situations.

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Ep 3.16 Get Him a Gift, Sis

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Garcia and SunAh answer the question – should women get their man a gift for Valentine’s Day? Tune in for the Season 3 finale as the two discuss the expectations around Valentine’s Day gift-giving and what popular culture gets wrong. The two also discuss gifts they’ve given and received and offer some advice for types of gifts to give and how to determine if you should give a gift at all.

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Ep 3.15 Why Men Won’t Commit

Season 3, Episode 15 uncovers the main reasons why men won’t commit. Garcia gets real honest about reasons why he wouldn’t commit in the past – some you might expect and others are hard to hear. Of course, men aren’t the only ones who won’t commit, so SunAh shares some reasons why women won’t fully commit. The episode ends with the two talking about some petty reasons why they didn’t want to commit.

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Ep 3.14 Family Matters

When it comes to dating and relationships, family can be a help or a hindrance. One Season 4, Episode 14, Garcia and SunAh talk about family and dating – if and when you should meet the parents, what happens if a family member doesn’t like who you’re dating, and who comes first when you get married? Who else can relate to awkward family situations with their boyfriend or girlfriend? Garcia shares some particularly trying times when it comes to family and dating. The two also talk about some potential scenarios that pit family and your mate at odds, whose side are you on?

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Ep 3.13 Would you rather

Season 3, Episode 13 asks would you rather have romance or stability? Sex or support? There is no middle ground, you have to choose. Garcia and SunAh make some tough decisions on which characteristic they’d rather have in a someone they’re dating or a potential spouse. Of course, in reality the choices aren’t so severe, and the two end the episode talking about how they would characterize each other.

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Ep 3.12 Hitting Below the Belt

What’s off limits when you’re in an argument? Are there certain blows that should never be dealt? Or are no holds barred? On Season 3, Episode 12, Garcia and SunAh talk about a few topics that are low blows in general and a few that they find personally are below the belt. Along the way, the two discuss their own reactions to being on the receiving end of someone hitting below the belt.

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Ep 3.11 It’s time to move on

With the start of the new year, it may be time to end some relationships but that’s often easier said than done. How do you move on from a heartbreak? Garcia shares the ideal way to move on, and the two share how they’ve moved on from past relationships. Of course, you may not be heartbroken but the heartbreaker. Is there something you should do before moving on? Tune in to find out.

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